Bamboozle is a theatre company with over twenty years’ experience in developing and delivering high-quality multi-sensory theatre for children with a range of learning disabilities.

Over the years and through the company’s vast hands-on experience, Bamboozle have honed their approach to develop a methodology that is unique to Bamboozle. This approach engages with children and young people with a range of cognitive and behavioural needs, moving students’ engagement with the world to a deeper level. The impact can be transformational; from helping an individual child with extremely challenging behaviour to stay in a room, work with others and contribute their own ideas to effecting the attitudes and practice at a whole school level.

For the first time in five years Christopher Davies, Artistic Director of Bamboozle, is teaching the Bamboozle approach through open courses. 

“We’ve been using the Bamboozle Approach for nearly a year now.  I’ve got a couple of kids in my class who, by the end of the spring term, had almost done three sub-levels and that’s huge, that’s absolutely huge”.  Of another pupil she said that the Bamboozle Approach has “impacted on his ability to make relationships with people, he’s more assertive, he’s more engaged, he’s more vocal, he’s refusing less… there’s that depth of relationship happening”.  - Teacher


The Bamboozle Approach – Part One

How to engage students who have learning disabilities* and keep them interested.

*The course will particularly reference working with students who have learning disabilities but is also relevant to non-disabled students.


Course content:

On this one day course you will:

      • discover the approach that Bamboozle uses to engage students and keep their attention and interest
      • learn how to enable your students to focus for longer
      • create a space where students learn easily and without fear of judgement
      • learn how to use precise questioning techniques that empower students
      • find out ways to give praise and encouragement that supports students’ self-esteem and learning
      • discover how to create workshops / lessons that students always get involved with
      • go away with lots of practical ideas you can use immediately
      • take away a course manual with practical ideas and seminar notes
      • have lots of fun!

If you have any questions about the course, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bamboozle by calling 0116 255 2065 or emailing [email protected] 


Date and time:

Thursday 22nd February, 10am – 6pm.


Schools and funded organisations - £100

Freelance practitioners (self-funded) - £60


Call Box office on 0191 230 5151 

    What practitioners said after attending this course:

    “Today has completely altered my outlook on how we communicate/educate children in terms of value judgements.  SUCH a thought-provoking day which has boggled my mind and challenged me hugely.  The day was full of inspiration.  I have realised how much of my practice was influenced by Bamboozle from their last visit.  Challenging ideas, creating debate and reflection.  Invigorating day!”  T. Drummond – Shakespeare’s Globe

    “It was incredibly valuable training which I am very grateful to have experienced.  A positively challenging experience.”  Ellen Dowell – National Theatre Seminar


    Christopher Davies is a teacher, trainer, theatre director and author of two books: “Creating Multi-Sensory Environments.  Practical Ideas for Teaching and Learning.”  and "Dramatic Starts.” He is continually seeking ways in which we can improve our methods of communication with young people.

    Christopher taught in primary schools for 13 years before spending an inspiring year at The Central School of Speech and Drama in London.  He then joined the Leicestershire Drama Advisory Service before co-founding Bamboozle in 1994.  He is artistic director of the company.

    His work is informed by three fundamental beliefs:

        • that it is his job as an artist and educator to provide all young people with the means to find their own voice, 
        • that young people of all abilities and disabilities flourish when we remove the judgement from the educative process and enable them to find their own agenda in an environment free from fear,  
        • that all young people know more than we think they do, are capable of more than they think they are and have the capacity to surprise us all.

    Christopher has run courses for many organisations nationally and internationally including: The National Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe, Leicester University, The Ministry of Defence, Assitej [UK], and hundreds of special school staff groups in the UK, Europe, Beijing and New York.