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Hire and Commercial Services Participation  Technical and Production  Visitor Services  
Board of Directors

Chief Executives

Executive Director

Kate Denby

Executive Assistant 

Philippa McArdle - 

Administration and Finance

Finance Director

Helen Graham -

Finance Manager

David Proud - 

Finance Officer

Jill Sharp -

Operations Director

Edmund Nickols -

Artistic Planning

Senior Producer

Matt Runham -

Associate Director

Mark Calvert -

Associate Producer

Annie McCourt -

Associate Producer (Supported by Stage One)

Erin Connor -


Pippa Fox -

Communications and Sales

Director of Communications and Sales

Amy Fawdington -

Sales Manager

Jo Blackett -

Communications Manager

Chris Claytor-Scott -

Press Enquiries

Helen Fussell -

Communications Officer

James Smith -

Communications Officer

Gemma Close -

Sales Officer

Fran Haigh -


Development Associate

Gillian Firth -

Hire and Commercial Services

Business Development Manager

Jonathan Bailey -

Development and Events Coordinator

Roberta Harrison -


Director of Participation

Jill Adamson -

Deputy Director of Participation

Susan Mulholland -

Associate Director (Young Company)

Louie Ingham -

Participation Project Producer

Ged Robinson - 

Participation Coordinator

Ali Ward-Timms -

Technical and Production

Production Manager

Chris Durant -

Technical Administrator and PA to Production Manager

Catherine Wilkinson -

Technical Manager

Andrew Sharp -

Deputy Technical Manager 

Richard Flood -

Company Manager

Colin Holman -

Head of Lighting

Sam Vivash -

Senior Technician (Lighting)

Dan Smith -

Head of Sound / AV

Jonny Rothwell -

Head of Workshops

Darren McGowan -

Head of Wardrobe

Jay Nash -

Head of Stage

Tony Easter -

Senior Technician (Stage)

Mathew Sorley -

Technician (Sound)

Phillippa Howarth -

Technician (Lighting)

Izzy Waugh -

Visitor Services

Theatre Manager

Frances Easter -

Systems and Operations Manager

Jamie Corbett -

Front of House Manager

Neil Crompton -

Deputy Front of House Manager

Vinny McHugh -

Board of Directors


Simon Elliott


Natalia Blagburn

Anne Bonner

Laura Collier

Vikas Kumar

Jemima Levick

Danielle Oliver

Charles Penn

Keith Proudfoot

Prof. Julie Sanders

Tim Smith

Carys Rose Thomas