Our voice is a fundamental part of how we communicate to others and connect with the world. Over time, many of us develop bad vocal habits which compromise our ability to use our voice to its full potential. If we’re not confident in using our vocal equipment, we lose the impact our voice can have.

This workshop is for people who want to learn to use their voice more effectively and engagingly, especially those who speak and use their voice regularly in their work. By focusing on the parts of the body that create voice, we help you learn how to look after your voice and how to get the most from it.

This workshop is for those who want to extend their voice work further, or more specifically than is covered by our Communication and Advanced Presentation workshops.

This workshop includes:

  • How to modulate your voice to interest, influence and inspire
  • Engaging your audience through pitch and pace
  • Building understanding of how your vocal equipment works
  • Warm up techniques and vocal health strategies
  • Breathing techniques to remove restrictive physical tension

For further information see our Brochure.

How to book

To book a place on an open workshop or for an in-house or bespoke workshop for your organisation please contact:

Jonathan Bailey, Skills Workshop Coordinator

Tel: 0191 242 7204

Email: [email protected]