Northern Stage (NS) is fully committed to safeguarding the welfare of all Children, Young
People and Vulnerable Adults (CYP & VA) by taking all reasonable steps to protect them from neglect, physical, sexual or emotional harm.

Safeguarding CYP & VA is the responsibility of everyone including full time, part-time, casual and freelance staff and volunteers. It is primarily the responsibility of the Board of Trustees to ensure that Safeguarding policy and procedures are current, relevant and adhered to.

The Board of Trustees understand that is not acceptable for them to say that they have delegated their safeguarding role to the managers, staff and volunteers they have recruited. Whilst these officers undoubtedly have a vital role to play in keeping children and young people safe, the trustee board itself takes active responsibility for this too – NS Board of Trustees have appointed a Board Champion to work alongside appointed Safeguarding staff.

Board Safeguarding Champion (BSC) is Anne Bonner. She was appointed as BSC in November 2017.

Northern Stage provides safe, positive and empowering environments for all young people who engage in projects, programmes and events organised directly by it or in partnership with other organisations. This includes CYP & VA who attend NS as audience members.

NS’s work with CYP & VA aims to be fun, informative and inspirational. This can only be achieved in an atmosphere of trust and respect.

NS recognises that that there are a variety of approaches required to ensure an effective prevention from harm strategy which includes: creating the right environment, developing practice standards, empowering young people paid staff and volunteers, sharing information (Appendix 1) and developing its monitoring role.

Safe recruitment and selection guidance (Appendix 4) sits alongside NS’s recruitment policy. In addition, the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is used by NS to ensure safe recruitment decisions are made and to prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups.

NS will provide in house annual Safeguarding Awareness training for all staff and volunteers including the Board of Trustees. NS will also provide the resources for regular external training of its DSO, DDSO’s and Safeguarding team members in conjunction with Newcastle’s SCB recommendations.

NS staff and volunteers must always show respect for and understanding of the rights, safety and welfare of our users and conduct themselves in a way that reflects this.

NS takes concerns or suspicions seriously. Full support will be given to individuals who raise concerns.

Download the full Safeguarding and Children, Young People & Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy