Shipbuilding on the Tyne, Bruce Rae (1983)

To celebrate the opening of Sting's epic musical, The Last Ship, Side Gallery has installed Bruce Rae's 1983 photography documenting the shipbuilding industry in the north east in the Gillian Dickinson Gallery at Northern Stage. 

I was introduced to my minder, a guy in a long, blue, gabardine mac with a flat hat, who was supposed to accompany me everywhere I went Fortunately, he got bored stiff after half a day and just disappeared… I could go anywhere I liked. It was quite extraordinary. -- Bruce Rae

Rae captured the trades, the awe-inspiring scale, the powerful structures that appeared everywhere he looked. He documented Swan Hunter, Clark Hawthorn Marine Engine Works, Cleland’s, Neptune, Smith’s Repair and Readhead’s, the last two already in the process of closure. 




Fri 9 Mar - 8 Jun 2018


The Gillian Dickinson Gallery is downstairs by Stage 3 (take the stairs by Box Office).