Through its partnership with the Wolfson Foundation, Theatres Trust is awarding £100,000 to five theatres to become more environmentally sustainable.

Northern Stage has been awarded £20,000 to change over its house lights from halogen to LED in its largest performance space, Stage 1. This represents savings of 32,621 kWh of energy, 11.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions and almost £6,000 a year.

Northern Stage’s Head of Technical and Production Chris Durant said, “The replacement of our existing houselights in Stage 1 is going to give us substantial savings in energy, maintenance and technician time. The quality of light, controllability and coverage across the whole auditorium will also be vastly improved. We have the equipment on order with our supplier, Stage Electrics, and are aiming to have the new units installed and commissioned ready for when we are able to re-open to the public.”

Before the pandemic, the biggest challenge facing the theatre sector was responding to the climate crisis and Theatres Trust, the national public advisory body for theatres, is keen that this priority should not slip. Theatres, like all public buildings, have an impact on the environment, with major energy consumption coming from heating, ventilation, stage machinery and lighting and sadly many theatres do not meet modern environmental standards.

These awards are made as the Wolfson Foundation announces the renewal of its funding for the Theatre Improvement Scheme, with a further £360,000 to be awarded over the next three years. The next round of the Theatre Improvement Scheme is now open for applications, with £120,000 to be awarded in grants of up to £20,000 for projects to improve theatres ’sustainability.

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