Northern Stage is excited to announce our appointments for the Freelance Taskforce. Congratulations to actor and theatre director Karen Traynor who is sponsored by Northern Stage and theatre maker and director Olivia Hunt who is sponsored by November Club, Open Clasp & Unfolding Theatre.

To ensure a breadth of voices in the selection process we invited a number of local practitioners who are or who regularly work with freelancers to help us with selection. Thank you to all of them! Read more about that here.

You can also read more about the formation of the Freelance Taskforce here

Northern Stage are one of 138 organisations sponsoring freelancers for the Freelance Taskforce. 117 freelancers are now in place with the last few being appointed in the coming days.

Recruitment is ongoing, but we wanted to share what we can about representation in the taskforce so far.

The taskforce will meet for the first time next week (it’s gonna be quite the doodle poll). We’re sure you’ll be hearing from them soon!