Are you based in the North of England and taking a show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer? If so, perhaps we can help.

Northern Stage have been running a venue and taking shows to the Fringe since 2012. We’re taking a break this year but have tons of hard earned experience that we’re very happy to share.

If you have any questions, queries or just want some advice about the Fringe then tell us what you want to know.

We are running two Edinburgh Surgery Sessions at the end of June. Send us in advance the things you most want to find out about, we’ll match you up with the relevant member of staff and book you a 20min slot to come and meet them (or Skype if that’s better).

At the start of each surgery session there will be a 20min presentation from Northern Stage staff on our general top tips and pieces of advice about taking work to the Fringe – don’t worry if you can’t make this bit, we’ll put a summary online afterwards.

We’re best placed to answer questions about: technical support and requirements, marketing and press at the Fringe, contracting and getting programmers to see your work, but if what you want to know doesn’t fall into that list then ask us anyway and we’ll try our best.


So how does this work?

  • Fill in this very short form by Thu 14 June. Add your questions and preferred date to meet.

  • We’ll match you up with a relevant member(s) of staff and confirm your 20 min appointment time.

  • Then we’ll see you on 28 or 29 June and if you give us permission we’ll put a summary of the questions and our answers online afterwards.


Deadline for sending us your questions: Thu 14 June
Surgery time/date options: Thu 28 June 10.30am – 12.30pm or Friday 29 June 2pm – 4pm