'Have you ever heard of Okeanos?
The ancient Greeks and Romans believed in a river almost as special as ours. Earth and circling and backward flowing.
This mythical stream sprung all of the constellations - the sun and the stars, the moon and its majesty out from itself every morning before they were to set back into its waters.
Our Tyne’s a bit like Okeanos....'
Our fourth audio story sees narrator Elizabeth Doyle reimagine Newcastle & Gateshead through the lens of Greek Mythology. The leaping dragon Millenium Bridge, the yellow serpent Metro line, and gladiatorial battles over chippy tea, and 'The Gods of Byker'.
Co-Created with our communities in Byker
'The Gods of Byker' written, read and performed by Elizabeth Doyle
Music & Sound by Mark Melville
Directed & Co-Created with Louie Ingham
Download the transcript here.