"My mother hates politics
When the cookie is in Morrisons it belongs to Morrisons
Why does the human do what he does?
Every seven years we regenerate"
Our seventh audio story is 'Bonnie Bristling Byker'. Abdul-Aziz Kouamé talks about Byker's physical force field - Byker Wall. Designed to keep us out and keep them in. But is there a way to go beyond the wall? To reach. To ask. To hope.
'Bonnie Bristling Byker'
Co-created and Read by Abdul-Aziz Kouamé 
Abdul-Aziz Kouamé
Written by Lee Mattinson
Music & Sound by Mark Melville
Directed & Co-Created with Louie Ingham
Download the transcript here.
Abdul-Aziz Kouamé is a Community Consultant and Collaborator with Young Company.