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Neighbourhood Events
Commissioned by Northern Stage as part of Out On The Toon

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“The sound of chimes and singing voices echo in the distance. Down by a river three strangely attired beings sing of the past and of the present, of stillness and of change.”

Weaving together spoken word, ritual and song Verto is a series of site-specific theatrical interventions along the three main rivers of the North East. Offering the witness gentle disruption that provokes a re-imagining of space and a re-energising of ourselves.

Water is the source of life, it is unendingly part of a cycle, perpetually held in motion no matter how silent or still that motion may appear. The performances will trace circular walking routes, beginning and ending in the same locations on publicly accessible riverside paths.

Staged as circular pilgrimages Verto offers an antidote to our current situation and prompts a gentle provocation to reconnect with ourselves and the world.

Time and Location  

Saturday 19th June, 12noon
Elvet Bridge, River Wear, Durham
Starting on the south side of Elvet Bridge at 12noon, we will walk across the bridge and join the riverside path beneath the bridge at The Boat House. We will walk along this pathway, sharing performances at intervals and at Prebends Bridge before journeying back to Elvet Bridge along the same riverside path. We will repeat this walk three times.

Saturday 26th June, 12noon  
Navigation Way side of the Tees Barrage, River Tees, Stockton
The route walk will begin on the Navigation Way side of the Tees Barrage. We will cross the Barrage Bridge and walk alongside the River Tees sharing performances at intervals and crossing over at the Infinity Bridge to walk back on the opposite side of the Tees. We will repeat this circuit three times. 

Saturday 3rd July, 12noon
Tyne Green (near the main river bridge), River Tyne, Hexham
Starting at 12noon, we will walk the riverside paths of the Tyne River. Starting and ending at Tyne Green, we will follow the walking path alongside the Tyne and adjacent to Hexham Golf Course. We will be sharing performances at intervals and turn to walk back at the Constantius Bridge. We will walk this route three times.

Artist Biography 

Bordello Collective are a Queer arts group based in Teesside. Masters of making work that responds to space, place and people, the collective’s artists each work across a range of diverse mediums. Platforming LGBT+ and Queer expression in the North their work is cross media, performative, interactive and immersive. They produce work through collaborative processes curating and presenting it in a range of unlikely places and spaces for a wide spectrum of people.

Neighbourhood Events 

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, we're inviting you to get Out on the Toon this summer, starting with a series of free outdoor events to reconnect artists and audiences in their local neighbourhoods throughout June.

10 North East theatre makers have been selected to create work in 9 of our region’s 12 local authorities, breathing new life into the places and spaces that have been the backdrop to their lockdown, celebrating the diversity of our region and bringing communities together through immersive live performances, dance, story trails, short stories, films, live music and spoken word.

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    These performances are part of our Out On The Toon programme funded by the Weston Culture Fund. 

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