The Suggestibles

Northern Stage

Time and Location  

A make up your own adventure show for families.

Imagine a box. A big magical musical box. Inside this big magical musical box is anything you can imagine to create a story. Anything from dragons to aliens, robots to chickens, forests to oceans to planets, to…

Now imagine if together we can choose the things we want in our story, and then it is played out for you, right in front of your eyes, and every twist and turn is decided by you. Wow!

The Suggestibles players act out a unique improvised show for families and friends, bigguns and littluns. Inspired by you, and under your control. Help us make up a brand-new adventure, never seen before, and never to be seen again. There will be thrills and spills, games and songs, fun and laughter galore!

How will it all end?
Well, that’s up to you!

Cast of Players:
Ian McLaughlin
Bev Fox
Tom Walton
John Mawer
Jayne Humphreys
Jenni Winter

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Time and Location  

Saturday 14th August at 3pm

Roundabout, Harbottle Park, Byker

    This performance is part of our Out On The Toon programme funded by the Weston Culture Fund.