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Produced by Liam Glendinning
Choreographed by Danni Dee 

Once upon a time, a beautiful Princess was placed under a terrible curse by the most vile and wicked Fairy in all of Geordieland. Just one prick of her finger and Princess Beauty would fall into a cursed sleep for 100 years only to be woken by true love’s kiss. With the help of Queen Patsy and the hapless court jester, Muddles, will the handsome Prince Philip of Fenham be able to break the spell?

Find out in Sleeping Beauty, the pantomime of your dreams; starring the North East’s ‘Queen of Mean’, Miss Rory as you’ve never seen her before!

Please note: Contains strobe lighting, pyrotechnics and lots of humour!

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Behind the scenes

The North East's Queen of Mean, Miss Rory is Carabosse:

Local TV Personality, Hazel Pude is Fairy Canny:

Panto favourite Daniel Mawston stars as Queen Patsy:


Relaxed Performance logo

Relaxed Performance

Wed 28 Aug, 3pm

‘Relaxed Performances’ are specifically designed to welcome people with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, learning disability or sensory and communication disorders into theatres to give those who otherwise might feel excluded the chance to experience live theatre. They have a less formal, more supportive atmosphere in order to reduce anxiety levels.  It is a specialist provision created to provide an opportunity for people who would otherwise find it difficult to come to see a show, for example people who make involuntary noise, or are likely to need to talk a lot, or move around. During a regular performance this can disturb the other audience members, and the show, but at a relaxed performance it’s fine.

Lighting and special effects will be slightly altered, for example removing strobes and flashing lights and reducing very loud noises, however the content of the show will not be specifically changed.

The auditorium may possibly be quite noisy, with people coming in and out. Our ushers are there to support and manage this behaviour, rather than stop it. 

Northern Stage is fully accessible. The theatre has three lifts providing access to all parts of the building, including the accessible toilets, baby changing facilities, stages 2 & 3 and the backstage area. Buggy parking is available outside Stage 3. To discuss any access needs, please call our Box Office on 0191 230 5151.