Centre Stage: Team Development Days

Our Team Development Days are designed with you and in response to your needs. They offer time out of the office to work on issues you are facing with the support of our creative facilitators and the resources of a theatrical venue.Read more

Speaking Power: Finding your voice

Our voice is a fundamental part of how we communicate to others and connect with the outside world. If we’re not confident in using our vocal equipment, we lose the impact our voice can have.Read more

Mastering Resilience: Practical approaches to boost wellbeing

Stress damages motivation, creativity and productivity.  If left unchecked, it can harm our long-term mental health and well-being.Read more

Creative Leadership: Inspiring and motivating others

Leadership is not the same as management.  To be a great leader, you have to understand and nurture people, and empower groups to achieve more than the individuals would achieve alone.Read more

Communication: Engaging hearts and minds

Communication occurs on multiple levels at once – physical, verbal and psychological.  Engaging with others is complex and to do it well requires skill and practice.Read more

Advanced Presentation: Skills for public speaking

Many of us are required to deliver presentations as part of our roles, but few of us have had training in this area. This workshop is for those who have completed our Communication: Engaging Hearts and Minds workshop and want to develop their skills further, including delivering formal presentations and public speaking.Read more

Corporate Partners

Enjoy a year round association with Northern Stage by signing up for one of our ready-made packages.Read more


Creativity, innovation and excellence. Align your brand with ours and increase your business profile, entertain clients and fulfil your corporate objectives.Read more

Responsible Business

Align your business with ours and we can help you deliver your CSR objectives.Read more