An invitation from Annie Rigby, Unfolding Theatre

Over the last 10 years I’ve seen new companies, festivals and independent artists making brilliant theatre and blossoming in the North East. It’s brilliant working in theatre up here, eh?!

Oh, except there's loads that’s bloody tough. (You know, the stuff we whinge about in the bar...)

This is a space to talk, not be talked at. To dream, vent, imagine.

It’s a space where we can get our heads together and work out how to make the North East a healthier, happier, stronger theatre community.

The conversation will be richer if you’re in the room.

Everyone welcome: audience members, students, emerging artists, artistic directors, technicians, administrators, venue managers, front of house staff, BSL interpreters and audio describers.

No need to bring anything.


All events are Pay What You Decide*.

You need to book yourself a place (either online or by calling box office) and then at the end of the session you will have the opportunity to make a donation of what you decide you want to, or can afford to pay. There is no obligation to pay anything.

We recommend booking early as capacities are limited.

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