This Is Byker is an exhibition focused on producing positive images of the iconic estate.

Steve Sheraton

Recognised by many as one of the most influential examples of 20th Century social housing, English Heritage Grade II* Listed building, UNESCO 20th Centre Buildings of Outstanding Merit.

The initiative is to show positive images of the estate conveyed through works of art of this unique and iconic estate. It’s objective to inform both residents and others of the beauty of their environment. The image of the estate and the common perceptions of a ‘Wall’ seen in passing from a metro couldn't be further from the truth. Heavily landscaped, pedestrian friendly, domestic scale housing, intimate courtyards and fun reclaimed elements from some of Newcastle’s past buildings are all to be discovered. In the 50th year the estate and the work of Ralph Erskine are deserving of a celebration and retrospective.

‘This Is Byker’ is intended to showcase all forms of expressive and creative art forms encompassing the written word, photography, drawings through to knitwear and glass etching.

The campaign based at Byker Community Centre is an opportunity to express a love for the place we live.

About Steve Sheraton 

A resident of the estate for over 25 years Steve studied architecture at Newcastle and Huddersfield Polytechnic before working for several large local firms eventually establishing his own practice. A keen artist Steve is part of the #ThisIsByker Campaign focused on producing positive images of the iconic estate. He is also currently secretary of the estate's Tenant and Residents Association.