Welcome to the big city. Where different people’s lives converge and diverge, as they crisscross the city in pursuit of different ambitions.

Stan’s Cafe in association with Birmingham Repertory Theatre

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Watch, as if from the window of a bus, as the big city glides by. See lives converge and diverge as rich and poor share the same streets, each pursuing their own contrasting ambitions.

If you ever feel you have to run in order to stand still, or see others gliding through life while you struggle to survive, or experience a relationship drifting apart, or a goal retreating as fast as you advance on it - then you will recognise life in The Capital.

Performed without words to a stunning soundtrack The Capital uses moving walkways to create an extraordinary flowing feat of visual story telling. It turns themes of financial and social inequality into a beautiful, thoughtful and emotionally gripping experience.

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“…unique, thought-provoking and moving.”

Droitwich Standard (on The Capital)

“…a capitalist’s idea of heaven, where everyone is always moving, progressing, and life is never fully stopped. In a world where nothing is still, to be in transit is the only way to live… The Capital makes a most perfect mirror image of its audience with no words at all”

exeunt (on The Capital)

“...this piece is a non-stop parade of wordless scenes. Characters glide by in cinematic fashion...”

The Stage (on The Capital)

“...a masterclass in composition and flow.'”

The Stage (on The Capital)

“Stan's Cafe pulls off an ambitious and cinematic show staged on two travelators.”

 The Stage (on The Capital)

“...original and creative staging and fast-paced format...”

Stage Talk Magazine (on The Capital)

Behind The Scenes

The Capital - Stan's Cafe


Northern Stage is fully accessible. The theatre has three lifts providing access to all parts of the building, including the accessible toilets, baby changing facilities, stages 2 & 3 and the backstage area. Buggy parking is available. To discuss any access needs, take a look at our access page or please call our Box Office on 0191 230 5151.