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Join Chris Bostock, The Storyteller, on the first Saturday of the month to hear some of the stories he has collected from all around the world. Be ready to travel to the bottom of the sea or even to the stars, to meet interesting people, wonderful animals and see extraordinary sights. Perfect for 5 - 8 year-olds and their grown-ups!

Sat 1 Jun

By the light of the sun and moon

Peter Patch picked his packs of seeds to propagate: parsnips, potatoes, pumpkins, peppers, parsley and (you’ll never guess) peas! The sun shone and all was well until on the picking day there were pinched! Trouble! Can 'eter find who 'inched his 'eas? Another boy in Africa went all the way to the sun to sort out his problems, while Jack in England has to deal with boggart in his garden by the light of the sun and the light of the moon.

Sat 7 Sep

Prince Yogadu and the Bees of Yomato

A story from old Japan, which can only be told with everyone’s help. Come ready to listen and to fly if you want to discover how a young Prince saved his friends. You’ll also find out about a very rude mosquito who caused a lot of other animals a lot of trouble – but that’s another story.

Sat 5 Oct

By the light of the silvery moon

Papagayo is a parrot who lives in the Amazon rain forest. He is a mischief maker, but he does help the gentle night creatures save the moon from the hungry Moon Dog. We will also meet the Moon Bird from India who sings her beautiful song just for the moon.

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Sat 2 Nov

Monkey Business

There’s a problem in the jungle and it’s a tricky one too. One hungry monkey is looking out for food and the mango tree is in Blossom’s garden. She won’t be happy if she finds him there! There could be lots of singing and dancing before we get to the end of this story. Best bring your dancing shoes!

Sat 7 Dec

Snow Business

A little Brown bird with a broken wing who can’t fly away to the warm countries, a boy who won’t go to bed on time and a little girl made out of snow can’t all be in the same story. But they all have snowflakes falling all around them and we’re going need some help making a snow storm.

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