About MonologueSlam UK

MonologueSlam is THE industry showcase for actors! Actors of all ages and from all backgrounds have the opportunity to show their skills to a panel of casting agents, directors, theatre professionals and a welcoming audience.

MonologueSlam takes place across the UK with an annual national final in London. Following auditions, 22 actors are chosen to perform for a welcoming audience and an industry panel for a welcoming audience and an industry panel on Fri 7 Jun 2019. With an accompanying Masterclass for local actors to work on their craft, MonologueSlam UK is a fantastic opportunity for North East talent and a great night out for everybody.


Youth Auditions    Adult Auditions

Youth auditions

Aged 11-17? Love acting? This is your chance to perform live at Northern Stage in front of your family, friends and theatre professionals!

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Auditions take place on Friday 26th April at Northern Stage.

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What to prepare

Please come prepared with the one-minute monologue you intend to perform if you reach the final.

These are relaxed group auditions so you will be performing in front of each other as well as the professional judges.

Adult auditions

Whether you’re new to the acting game or have lots of experience under your belt, we’d love to see you showcase your skills!

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Auditions take place on Saturday 27th April at Northern Stage from 11am – 6.30pm. It will be a group audition and you need to book an hour slot. Auditions are free.

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What to prepare

If you are auditioning for the one-minute category: please come prepared with the monologue you will perform at the show

If you are auditioning for the three-minute category: please come prepared with a shortened, one-minute version of your three-minute monologue.