What is a veteran? Survivor? Hero? Mad Man?


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In Lola Arias’ Minefield six Falklands/Malvinas war veterans who once faced each other across a battle field now face each other across a stage. Together they share memories, films, songs and photos as they recall their collective war and embody the political figures that led them into it.

Soldier, veteran, human – these men have stories to share as they take us from the horrors of war to today’s uncertainties, with brutal honesty and startling humour.

Digging deep into the personal impact of war, Minefield is a collaboratively created work that merges theatre and film to explore the minefield of memory, where truth and fiction collide.

Minefield was created with and is performed by:

  • Gabriel Sagastume was a soldier who never wanted to shoot a gun, now he is a criminal lawyer.
  • David Jackson spent the war listening and transcribing radio codes, now he listens to other veterans in his role as a counsellor.
  • Marcelo Vallejo was a mortar direction controller, now he is a triathlon champion.
  • Sukrim Rai was a Gurkha and expert with his knife, now he works as a security guard.
  • Ruben Otero survived the sinking of the ARA General Belgrano, now he has a Beatles tribute band.
  • Lou Armour was on the front page of every newspaper when the Argentinians took him prisoner on the 2nd April, now he is a teacher for children with learning difficulties.

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"Work of extraordinary compassion... A hybrid of documentary, re-enactment and
cathartic reunion, it combines personal testimony with video, fiery songs and playful
interludes to portray both sides of the conflict."

★★★★★ Evening Standard 

"In a stage first that brings together three veterans from each country to pool
memories, shape a theatrical response and perform alongside each other, the
Argentinian artist Lola Arias has created a powerful act of remembrance."

★★★★ The Telegraph 

"Demands to be seen... these painful, playful, personal testimonies take us to the
other end of the telescope from political rhetoric... brings tears to the eyes and the
audience to its feet. Tremendous.:

★★★★ The Times 

"Astonishingly moving, sensitive and humane... Most brilliantly of all, the show is
soundtracked by a rag-tag five-piece performed by the veterans themselves. Like a
pub covers band from a mine-pitted no-man’s land, it is a profoundly moving and
eloquent encapsulation of this remarkable achievement of healing and compassion."

★★★★★ Time Out 

"Every question that the show raises, about ownership and omission, it anticipates
and addresses. It’s very careful in this regard – it takes care. A number of the
participants are dealing with posttraumatic stress of various kinds and their
experiences of this are enfolded into the piece. The act of reliving and remembering is
a potent one for all involved, in some cases akin to an exorcism."

★★★★ The Stage 

"an unforgettably potent exercise in remembrance... Past and present intersect with
extraordinary power and eloquence in this deeply affecting show."

★★★★ The Independent 

"Minefield shows the potency of connection. The power of looking a man in the eye
that you have been sent to kill, and realizing that you are both human beings, and
that you could stand side by side instead."

Huffington Post 

"A remarkable example of theatre as a redemptive power and theatre has a
humanising force."

Female Arts 


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