COME ON IN and join our Northern artists to design your own future world where anything is possible. 

A partnership between Northern Stage, the Experimental Architecture Group and Newcastle City Futures at Newcastle University, and Third Angel, as part of Great Exhibition of the North

Visit the Self Build Utopias site for updates and to see what's happening! 

Where and how will we live in the future? What would it look and feel like? Could you build a utopia?

Throughout the summer artists invite you to explore exhibitions, installations and performances at Northern Stage that imagine a more creative, inventive and fun future. See Stage 3 transformed from week to week and join us to design your own world where anything is possible!

Full programme: 

Fri 22 Jun - Sun 1 Jul
Third Angel: The Desire Paths

On our huge map of the city, we invite you to rename the streets in honour of your hopes and dreams for the future. 

Tue 3 - Sun 8 Jul
Experimental Architecture Group and Culture Lab: Here be Monsters

Step into our monster through its mouth, experience its many organs, and hope to escape through its tail. 

From Tue 10 Jul
Hannah Fox: Shacklands

Peep inside our mobile village of unpredictable mini-shelters and listen to life as it sounds from the shacks. 

From Mon 9 Jul
154 Collective

Enjoy a huge artwork inspired by buildings of the future and get involved with your own ideas.

Tue 7 - Sun 12 Aug
Sonia Hughes & Lisa Mattocks

What would you like to change about how you live now? Build your ideas onto our map of solutions. 

View some of their work here:


Tue 14 - Sun 19 Aug
Unfolding Theatre: Building Palaces

If you built your own palace, what would it be like? Visit our palaces made of secrets, songs and even gongs, before imagining your own. An installation inspired by the award-winning 2010 production, Building Palaces.

Mon 27 Aug - Sun 2 Sep
Northern Stage Young Company: Where do We Stand?

A kaleidoscopic view of Generation Z's ideas on the future of our city. Listen, watch and add your voice. 

All events are free.

Great Exhibition of the North receives funding from a variety of sources, including public and private sector.