World renowned theatre company Cardboard Citizens is leading a one day taster workshop exploring Forum Theatre techniques and other Theatre of the Oppressed Tools. These methods offer a set of tools designed to liberate and empower people, using theatre to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. 

This course will be an introduction on how to use the arts to engage with vulnerable people. Join us for a mix of practical exercises and games, using your own stories and experiences as a starting point.

You will:

  • Examine creative techniques used to unlock stories and examine conflict
  • Be given presentations on how Cardboard Citizens have used these techniques to work with other groups across the country
  • Share stories and discuss how these can be used to create a piece of Forum Theatre
  • Create a short scene using Forum Theatre techniques

This workshop is part of a programme of residencies taking place around the country training individuals and organisations in the techniques Cardboard Citizens use to engage vulnerable people and effect change.

We highly recommend (Cardboard Citizens) as an organisation that helps people at their most vulnerable to regain their self-esteem and aspiration through the use of the arts.“ - Charlie Norman, Group Chief Executive, Mosscare St Vincent’s.

Who is it for? Anyone interested in creative ways of engaging and supporting vulnerable people. This course will be particularly useful for public and social sector staff engaged with vulnerable groups across Newcastle and Teesside.

Following the training: there will be opportunities to engage with Cardboard Citizens’ Cardboard Camp based in Newcastle at Northern Stage.

A number of FREE bursary places are available. We particularly welcome people with lived experience of homelessness 

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