I thrive on collaboration, I enjoy challenge and interrogation and find conversation the best way to figure out what I think and why. 

So it’s been a real personal challenge to pull together a season without being able to meet up with colleagues, artists, and audiences in person, to test ideas, to take temperature tests, and as a relative stranger to this place. 

But, who are we if we’re not facilitating stories? So I had to suck it up, to curate something with my colleagues, that gave us all something to rally around and something to meet you, our audiences with. 

This season is an experiment - demanded by the moment. It shares my unwavering commitment to radical generosity, to meeting audiences wherever they are, to Northern Stage being a place that collaborates with artists and with place and with the personal. In it, we are broker and facilitator butultimately, I wanted us to get out of the way of artists meeting audiences.

I hope it says, we are here - this isn’t what we thought we’d be doing but we’re still here, with you and for you, in different ways and in different places, in different forms and at different times. We’re going to get through this together. You can rely on us, no matter what.


This Is Us

This Is Us is about radical diversity of stories, characters, lives and forms to remind us who we are. 

It has three strands: Can We Come In?, Out On The Toon, and Housewarming. Taking you on a journey from your home, into the city and then back to our beloved building.

I'm super excited – and just a little bit nervous -  to share the programme with you in the coming weeks and months. Normally I’d get to sit with you as you watch – getting a feel for how you watch, listen and engage with the work - but I can’t, for now. So please, let me know – tell me what you like, what you don’t like, what worked and what didn’t – I want to know so we can go on this journey together and create a programme that truly belongs to us because Northern Stage Is Us.

If you want to get in touch then you can find me on Twitter: @NMHIBUIsHere, Instagram: @nmhibushootshere or email me at [email protected].