Areet! I’ve come to write the blog this week and thought hmmm, I’m not really sure what to cover here. The definition of rehearsal is doing the same thing over and over again to create the best piece of work you can. But for blog purposes it really does mean that when it comes to week 4 I really am repeating myself.

The structure of the week is five rehearsal sessions then a run, then three rehearsal sessions and a run. In week four suddenly all the time you think you had disappears, there’s more focus, more pressure and you have the change of pace of tech round the corner. You have more people visiting the room: the lighting designer, the set and costume designer, the sound designer, wider tech team and even (dun dun duuuun) invited guests! Which here means, trusted professionals to give their opinion on the show.

Photo Credit Ⓒ Von Fox Promotions

Sometimes when you sit so deeply in something it’s hard to stand back and see the bigger picture. You know all the intricacies, the technical points, the quick changes, what notes and points the cast need to hit, but you have to have new eyes on it to forget all that and just see the story. Do they get the juxtaposition of DJ Bisto’s random half page speech, does the intention of Joey’s story come across, do the scenes with no dialogue make sense to the audience, do all the different characters come across? Are the unsaid intricacies and intentions working?

When will the audience laugh, will they laugh?! Natalie has had a clear vision and intention from the start and it’ll be no surprise to anyone that Natalie is a very, very good director so guess what? So far, so canny. We’ve had laughter, tears and even dancing. Yes you heard, dancing!

Photo Credit Ⓒ Von Fox Promotions

The week before tech can often feel like either a relief or a panic. You’ve done everything that you can possibly do within the rehearsal time. Drained every second for what it’s worth, you’ve got the threat of technical rehearsal whispering in your ear “next week, there’s so much to do” but as Natalie keeps on saying, “we can only do what we can do today”. And in 22 working days we’ve managed to create a whole new production of Road. A version that represents the working class of 1980's North East whilst holding up a stark mirror to today. “Nothing’s shared out right, money or love'' ...sound familiar?

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