• Get Carter

    Get Carter

    FRI 12 FEB - SAT 5 MAR

    I’ve got a story for you. Involves blue films, a killing, bent cops, drugs and a friend of a couple of people you’ve been trying to wrap the fish and chips in for a long time now.

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  • Animal Farm

    Animal Farm

    THU 3 - SAT 5 MAR

    Tired of the hard life under human rule, the starving animals of Manor Farm overthrow their master and drive him off the land.

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  • Blake Remixed

    Blake Remixed

    WED 9 - THU 10 MAR

    A fusion of music and storytelling with a live DJ and interactive video.

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  • Russell Kane: Right Man, Wrong Age
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Snow White

    Snow White

    THU 31 MAR - SAT 2 APR

    balletLORENT's dark and mystical adaptation returns to Northern Stage. A dance theatre production for family audiences.

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  • Inisfáil


    TUE 22 MAR

    Join performance storyteller Clare Murphy for an evening of giant warriors, jealous kings and limb loss.

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  • Need A Little Help

    Need A Little Help

    TUE 5 APR - WED 6 APR

    A moving and uplifting show inspired by the experience of young carers for ages 3 – 7.

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  • Shafted!


    TUE 12 - SAT 16 APR

    John Godber's epic new play traces what happens to miner Harry and his wife Dot in the thirty years after the miners' strike.

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  • Mark Thomas - Trespass

    Mark Thomas - Trespass

    THU 21 APR

    Trespass carries on from where Mark's previous show 100 Acts of Minor Dissent left off.

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  • Opening Skinner's Box

    Opening Skinner's Box

    FRI 22 - SAT 30 APR

    A whistle stop tour of the scientific quest to make sense of what we are and who we are. Us humans. You and me.

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  • Richard Alston Dance Company
  • Noises Off

    Noises Off

    WED 11 - SAT 28 MAY

    Michael Frayn's legendary award-winning comedy Noises Off; take a trip behind the scenes as everything that possibly could go wrong... does.

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  • Pim and Theo

    Pim and Theo

    THU 12 - SAT 14 MAY

    Two men were shot in cold blood on the streets of Holland. Victims of extremism, Theo Van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn weren't afraid to make their opposing political views known.

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  • Julie


    FRI 3 - SAT 18 JUN

    Zinnie Harris's update of the masterpiece Miss Julie places the story of passion, compulsion, love and hate in today's world.

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Presumption - It's a story about love. Not romantic, thrill of passion love, but everyday, what shall we have for dinner - love. 3 - 5 Feb


Dream 2016

March 2016 brings the RSC, the Castle Players and the People's Theatre's new and unique production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. 16 - 26 Mar

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Get Carter - I’ve got a story it involves a killing, bent cops and a couple of people you’ve been trying to wrap the fish and chips in for a long time now. 12 Feb - 5 Mar

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